Step 1- Check for injuries, move you and your car to safety.

If anyone is injured, call for emergency services. If your able to, move your car to the side of the road as best as you can out of the way of any traffic and turn on your hazard lights. If your car is not able to be moved, leave it and get yourself to safety. While it's important to report the accident to the police, in some areas the policy may not respond to minor collisions. If the police do arrive, request a copy of the accident report. If the police do not come, you can report the incident online to the Washington State Patrol.

Step 2 – Exchange insurance information and take photos of the scene.

If there are other drivers involved, exchange insurance information. The more information you get is better. Get full names, phone numbers, driver's license numbers and license plate numbers. If there are any witnesses, take their information as well. Take photos of the scene of the accident. With your cell phone, take photos of your car, other cars and surroundings. Include traffic lights, traffic signs, street names, etc. Anything that can help a claims adjustor determine fault of the accident.

Step 3-Notify the insurance company

If you are NOT AT FAULT for the accident and the other driver has insurance, call THEIR insurance company to file the claim. If you are AT FAULT, the accident was a HIT AND RUN, or you are unsure of who's fault it was, call YOUR insurance company. The fastest way to file a claim is online. Visit the website of your or their insurance and file the claim online as soon as possible. Your claim will be assigned to a claim's adjustor, this person will be your point of contact throughout the claim.

Step 4-Call us if you need us.

We will be limited on what we can help you with during the claim. Your assigned adjustor is your main contact during your claim. We are unable to determine fault, complete estimates, schedule repairs or issue checks. But we are ALWAYS here to guide and advise you through your claim process. If you feel at any point, you are not receiving the level of claims service you expect, please call us. We are here to advocate for YOU and help your claims process go as smooth as possible.

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